Below is a list of changes / updates that will be coming to OldCP.
Completed changes will show a tick, incomplete changes will show a cross.
This page will be updated frequently so keep checking back to see great editions added / changed in OldCP!

Change Completed? Completed Date
Put RCHQ discord beneath play page. 31st August
/training now takes you to 'oldtraining' room 31st August
Ability to leave / change houses will now cost 3000 gold. 31st August
Reset all members in houses. 31st August
1000 gold per hour instead of 600 gold per hour. 31st August
Disable pet names from having innapropiate words. 31st August
Removed unneccessary commands & updated some priveledges. 31st August
Improve the censor to detect a wide range of innapropiate words. 31st August
Penguin Not Found or Incorrect Password now takes you directly back to the login. 1st September
Buddy list has been increased from 100 to 500. 1st September
/realnames now save on relogin. 1st September
New joust room (less laggy) N/A
Functional minigames N/A
Earning Gold from playing Find Four N/A
Complete the 'commands' page. N/A
Complete the 'news' page. N/A
Remove Lord & Lady of the Bank due to automatic payment systems. N/A
Change snowball server name from 'White Out' to 'Snowball' and remove all servers apart from Blizzard, Snowball (white out) and Slushy. N/A
Put all islands onto one server. N/A
Implement POTW (Player Of The Week) as well as POTM (Player Of The Month).
POTW will not be based on activity.
Updates added to Tour Guide hat to match OldCP. N/A
Disable playing OldCP via the downloadable version. N/A

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