In-game commands that are available for all users

* If there is a command with an (example) attached to it, exclude the parenthesis

    Sends you to the most populated room in the server at the time. (Your penguin will automatically spawn here upon login!)
    Shows a list of the user count in each populated room, as well as the room ID.
  • /JR (room ID)
    Sends you to the room ID you input. Does not include private/staff-only rooms such as Private Chambers, Jail, etc.
  • /ONLINE (username)
    Allows you to check if a certain user is online.
  • /ID (username)
    Shows the ID of a certain user.
  • /LAG
    Use this to check your connection to the server. If you are connected smoothly, you will recieve a message that displays 'Ping'.
  • /ROOM
    Displays the user count within the room you are in.
    Displays the ID of the room you are currently in.
  • /GOLD
    Displays the amount of gold your account has earned. (You will earn 600 gold every hour you stay online.)
  • /TRANSFER (username) (gold amount)
    Use this to transfer any user your gold, if you are feeling generous.
    Use this command to access special features you can buy with the gold you earn. You may buy the transforms in the (?) tab of the chat tab on your screen.
  • /OUTFIT (outfit name)
    Change your penguins appearance with a custom outfit made by any of the users. There are a lot to choose from. To create your own, see below.
  • /SAVE (outfit name) (password (optional))
    To save an outfit you made, use this command. You may name it whatever you would like, as long as it is appropriate. If you use a password, only users with the password will be able to access the outfit.
    Displays a list of all users currently online the entire server.
  • /ONTIME (username)
    Displays the amount of time a certain user has been online within the current month. Additionally, you can see how far behind you are from the first place user!
    Creates a random outfit for your penguin to wear.

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