Old Club Penguin Recreation!

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How Old Club Penguin Looked
How to become a Ninja
Memories of Old Club Penguin

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Club Penguin was made by Rocketsnail in 2005 and was later owned by Disney. Club Penguin is more than 10 years old and has had lots of penguins visit.

When it was young, it was a very cool place to be. There were old items and old parties that were so original.

You could not become a Ninja on Club Penguin until Disney made Sensei. But there were secretly Ninjas around before Sensei started training all the penguins.

You used to be able to do special cheats on Old Club Penguin. You could make your penguin stand on the walls and other penguins would see you. That would make you famous.

There were also CP trainers made by people like Microchip123 who made Penguin Storm and Penguin Fire. You could even make your penguin get big and walk on walls (but only you could see).

Disney changed lots of things on Club Penguin. Now CP looks different to how it did in the old days of CP. Enjoy the memories of Old Club Penguin on this page! Keep checking for new memories.