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Original Club Penguin Still Alive!

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What's so fun?

OldCP is fun because it's cool to see the fun stuff you used to enjoy in action. When you're on, remember you are on the same thing that used to be the actual CP years ago!

How do I play this?

Just go and press play and make a penguin then login. It's easy and you don't need a email to do it on.

Is it free, do I need Member!

It's ok, you don't need to buy member. It's free to have all the items and coins that you want, but to help OldCP don't block our ads!

Can I use my normal Club Penguin account on this CP?

Naaaa, you can't use your real Club Penguin account but you can pick a good name from a much smaller penguin base for a seperate Oldcp account. It's not the same as the Disney CP.

Games, Puffles, Igloos

No, no no not yet.

Can I be Moderator

Please don't ask but you must earn it.

Can I swear?

No, same rules as Club Penguin, you are not allowed to swear ever! If you swear you will be banned and that account may never be unbanned again.