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What is so fun about OldCP?

OldCP is fun because your able to see the past of Club Penguin! When you're on, remember you are on the same thing that used to be the actual OldCP years ago, but with a fun twist!

How do I play this?

Click here to create an OldCP account! It's easy and free! But you'll have to download the game to make an account first.

Games, Puffles, Igloos

Yes we've got some of the classic games from the past!, to obtain a puffle use the command /puffle (color), use /edit in your igloo to add furniture!.

Can I be Moderator?

Please don't ask!!! You must earn it.

Can I swear?

No, same rules as Club Penguin, you are not allowed to swear ever! If you swear you will be banned and that account may never be unbanned again.

How do we contact management?

To contact management please join our discord server listed at the top.

We hope you'll enjoy your time on OldCP!

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