World Championship


Current World Champion - Spring 2019

Adawg (Summer 2014)
Bailey (Autumn 2014)
Bp28 (Winter 2014)
PenguinDSC (Spring 2015)
Lylance (Summer 2015)
Lylance (Autumn 2015)
CPManiac (Winter 2015)
Pablo (Summer 2016)
Door (Autumn 2016)
Jesse (Spring 2017)
Milan (Summer 2017)
Asgard (Autumn 2017)
Milan (Winter 2018)
Asgard (Spring 2018)
Frankman (Summer 2018)
Loki (Autumn 2018)
Randy (Winter 2019)
Loki (Spring 2019)

Spring and Winter in 2016 unfortunately never had an addition of the WCI (World Championship) event in OldCP. Why? It was due to problems which lead to OldCP being offline for potions of that year.

The first ever World Champion of the DSGHQ & OldCP was Adawg!