OldCP Rules

  • Do not use bad language
  • Do not spam
  • Respect everyone including staff members
  • Obey the judgement of staff members
  • Do not bully others
  • Do not try to trick the rules
  • Do not threaten staff or members or OldCP
  • Do not impersonate as OldCP criminals
  • Do not talk about self harm
  • Do not cause drama
  • Do not sit on the Throne of the Witness/Wise during a trial
  • Do not hold video chat parties without permission.
  • Do not spam the bot!

Staff Rules

  • Do not use the summon, sendto, sendout, kick or ban commands unless someone is breaking a rule
  • When logged in, always be partially responsive and regularly aware of the room
  • Follow your team leader's orders and the guidance of administrators
  • Work along with the Penguin Watch and the Knights
  • Do not leak the contents of private staff globals (modmsg)
  • When resigning, give a days notice. Quitting more than three times will result in becoming non recommended in the future
  • All staff must have their gender set correctly with /boy and /girl in-game
Breaking any of these rules may end up with a warning or even being demoted!
3 warnings: Demotion
Mods with the 'Moderator' title (trusted mods) will have their staff card on the staff page