OldCP rules that must be followed.

Last Updated: 30th August 2018

Our Community Values

We respect eachother, regardless their age, gender, race, beliefs and views. And we treat one another the way we wish to be treated.

We forgive one another when we're sorry for things we've done.

Peace and Mercy
We value peace above all desire to argue, fight and gossip. We want peace even if we haven't done anything wrong.

Our Community Rules

  • We forgive our friends when they are sorry. *
  • We do not use bad language.
  • We do not spam.
  • We respect the judgement of staff.
  • We do not try to trick the rules.
  • We do not threaten eachother or OldCP. *
  • We do not impersonate others. *
  • We do not talk about self harm.
  • We do not cause drama, strife or gossip. *
  • We do not sit on the Throne of the Witness/Wise during a trial on OldCP.
  • We do not hold video chat parties without the supervision of an administrator.
  • We do not spam the bot on OldCP!
  • We do not use auto clickers to stay online on OldCP.
  • We do not use any type of third party activities on OldCP.
  • We do not question any of the administrators on their decisions.
  • We do not attempt to manipulate gold or cheat in any way.
  • We never use a light saber in public unless we must defend ourselves or others on OldCP. *
* See Our Community Values.

Wise Code

"This is the code of the wise; which is old as the skies, The person that keeps it; person that defies will unwisely die. Fighting back is never right; or anything of that sort; for if they break this; their wise life will be short. Wises never weildeth weapons, for peace is their power; command are not needed, for your wisdom to flower. Keep this one tight; this promise is to be below all; which is eously right. For power is nothing compared to wisd; No matter Damen or a user in the midst. Now if anyone feels this code is wrong; Keep it to yourself, I put this in song. Now I say now and forevermore; keep spreading wisdom from door to door!" - Grand Most Wise Fable

Staff Guidelines

  • Do not use the summon, sendto, sendout, kick or ban commands unless someone is breaking a rule
  • When logged in, always be partially responsive and regularly aware of the room
  • Follow your team leader's orders and the guidance of administrators
  • Work along with the Penguin Watch and the Knights
  • Do not leak the contents of private staff globals (modmsg)
  • All staff must have their gender set correctly with /boy and /girl in-game
  • Do not disclose clips or screenshots from the OldCP Cinema Mode without Administrator, Royal or OldCP Agency permission
  • Remain neutral in regards to all drama whether it involved users or politics.
  • When resigning, inform administrators at [email protected] in advance (Leaving posts do not count). Quitting will result in becoming unrecommended in the future. Also, consider the high possibility that you will regret quitting and find time to play again (e.g. school break, weekends, when your work is done or lessened). Sometimes the best alternative is to simply ask for a break (no demotion) from the administrators (email above).
Breaking any of these rules may end up with a warning or even being demoted!
3 warnings: Demotion

Youtube Sharing Guidelines

  • Do not play anything on the YouTube sharing that you would not say on the game
  • Do not spam YouTube the same video in the queue after your song is played
  • Do not cheat to gain reputation on YouTube sharing

Military Guidelines

  • The handling, authorisation and issuing of ammunition, firearms, explosives and any other weapon is the sole responsibility of the OLDCP generic Military Agency alone
  • Any weapon given to a user must be authorised by the OLDCP Military specifically, otherwise it is illegal to own
  • Official commands including the giving of titles, rank colors, user properties, vanity items and any other administrator power must be done by the approval of the OLDCP Military and an Administrator

When a user dies...

  • Their rank will be lost.
  • They will have no right to claim it back.
  • They will need to re-earn it over a minimum of 1 week.
  • Why? To stop the rise of alt accounts.

Imperial Laws (South)

  • You must not murder (killing without reason of self-defence or orders).
  • You must respect your arms (weapons including rifles, pistols, swords, powers).
  • You must set a good example in your southern role (if appropriate and in any location).
  • You must not assault (attack anyone without reason of self-defence or command).
  • You must not engage your arms without legitimate cause (self defence or command).

IMPERIAL Military Light Saber Regulation

  • Must hold a rank such as Imperial Knight (NOT North Knight), Warlord, Knight Captain.
  • Must have played OldCP for at least 3 months.
  • Must have not committed treason in the past 12 months.
  • Must have good reputation with admins AND IMPERIAL military.
  • Must not have any links to 'sith'.
  • Holding an ignited lightsaber within close range (150 pixels) of friendlies will result in disarming and revoked license for an unspecified amount of time.
  • IMPERIAL have the right to remove your light saber and license if you use the saber irresponsibly even when out of the south.

Rules of Conflict

  1. In the event that war is declared, the opposing side must assemble their forces in the territory (or the closest place to the territory if the territory is inaccessible) of the defenders.
  2. Once assembled a clear image of the assembly along with a message and timestamp must be sent to the defending side and publicly announced to the community. If the image is not shared publicly, the war is unofficial and it does not apply to these rules.
  3. When these things are achieved, war is officially declared and a state of war exists between the relevant parties.
  4. If there is no retaliation from the defending side within 24 hours of the assembly and declaration, the opposers are declared victorious based on no-confidence from the defenders.
  5. If there is a retaliation from the defenders, the time out (24 hours) resets when the defenders/opposers are either driven back or retreat without a full victory on either side.
  6. Any form of attack or timestamped retaliatory assembly from the defending/opposers side constitutes retaliation regardless of whether it has been mandated by the party leader.
  7. If the defender's/opposer's forces are destroyed or reduced to an insignificant amount, victory can be declared.
  8. Negotiation and truce are handled by either side respectively.

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